Readsy is an extension for Chrome that brings embedded speed reading to any website by just a double clicking the text you want to read.

Inline Speed Reading

Other speed reading application are cumbersome and ruin your natural flow by having to manually selecting the text and reading in a separate window.

With Readsy just double click the paragraph you want to start at, then read right there within the page itself! Readsy will capture the remaining text of the article, chapter, section, etc for you.


You don't need to install readsy to try it out! Here is some sample text taken from the speed reading article on Wikipedia

Go ahead! Try double clicking a paragraph below to speed read to the end of the article

Speed reading programs are available through courses, both in person or software based, and manuals. While the average adult reading rate is 250 words per minute with 70% comprehension, speed reading programs typically claim that improvements to 500 words per minute or more while maintaining or improving comprehension are possible.

One point of difference between the various speed reading courses is the assertions concerning subvocalization. Some courses claim that the main obstacle to speed reading is any form of subvocalization. Although absence of subvocalization might not improve reading speed, its presence might obstruct high speed. These statements are equally valid, since there is no evidence that less subvocalization can improve reading or even can willingly be changed at all. Other courses claim that subvocalization can be used on keywords in order to speed up learning and reading.

Any Page

Enter the URL of any page to be forwarded to it with and have readsy embedded into it.

Note, the page content is being routed through this website and may display incorrectly. Download Readsy and truly speed read any page!

URL to Demo:

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